A brand new chat platform

Say goodbye to outdated chat platforms; Welcome Gryt, the new standard in secure, customizable communication.

An early mockup of the Gryt chat client

Another discord copy?


Gryt is an open source alternative to discord that allows you to be in control. No more limiting stream quality and emotes behind a paywall! The aim is to give you full control of your data while still offering good quality and high security.


Gif profile pictures

Everyone can use gifs or any other image formats specified by the server as their profile picture. Profile banners and other customization is also included

Customizable server

Almost everything about the server can be customized, including customization for maximum file-upload size, voice- and video-stream-bitrate per channel, and a lot more

Self hosting

The server itself can easily be hosted through the use of an .exe file or a docker image. No previous hosting experience needed

Open Source

Gryt is open source, which means everyone can contribute to improving and expanding it. This also means you can create a spin-off version, a personalized client or server for you and your friends to use

No paywalls

Gryt will never require you to pay for any of the features the client or the server offer. This does not apply to paid hosting services, as these services are not provided by Gryt

Admin Panel

The server includes an admin panel where you can easily configure and manage your server. It can be accessed from the web at port 4898

Ready to download?

Self Hosting